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The Jersey Heart Support Group’s latest defibrillator has been installed at Crabbé with support from generous donors and a little help from the Sports Development Department.

During the Jersey 2015 NatWest Island Games hundreds of people attended the Crabbé ranges to participate or spectate in the shooting competitions and after the event, a couple of local shooters approached the Sports Development Department to see if they could assist with the installation of a defibrillator which would have public access to all.

Phil Volante, Jersey Heart Support Group Chairman said:

“The Jersey Heart Support Group are very pleased to be able to donate this AED, to be housed in a publicly accessible cabinet, which has been so very generously funded by two friends and their family who have lost loved ones too early from heart related issues. It is a welcome addition to our current project to make AED’s more readily available in an emergency throughout the Island at all times. We would like to thank the anonymous donors for their generous donation, which funded the full cost of the cabinet and Nikki Holmes in the States of Jersey Sport Development Department for determining the location and co-ordinating the installation of the equipment.”


Derek de la Haye, Members of the JRFA, Phil Volante & Mike Strong from JHSG

The anonymous donors said:

“We are delighted to contribute even in the smallest way to this cause, to ensure that members of the public, and specifically those people using the Crabbé facilities have access to a defibrillator when needed. From personal experience we understand how having access to this sort of medical equipment could make a big difference to a family.

Whilst we hope the defibrillator will never have to be used, we are comforted that it is accessible if it is ever needed. We also wish to thank everyone involved for making this happen, and thank the Jersey Heart Support Group for its kind donation.”

Nikki Holmes, Sports Club Officer, said:

“We were delighted to assist in the coordination of the efforts to find a suitable location at Crabbé and liaise between the donors and the Jersey Heart Support Group.  Crabbé is quite a remote location in Jersey but many thousands of people access it for shooting, walking, the Youth Service Activity Base and it also forms part of the route of the Collas Crill Island Walk.

The Jersey Heart Support Group have been fantastic in providing the defibrillator and I can’t thank the two donors enough for providing the box for the defib to go in and the Jersey Rifle Association for allowing the box to go on the outside of their building so that the public can access it.”

Constable Steve Pallett, Assistant Minister for Sport, said:

“I would like to add my thanks to the Jersey Heart Support Group, the sponsors and the JRA for working together in providing a new defibrillator at Crabbe. Having defibs in remote locations, that are nevertheless popular with shooters, walkers and the Youth Service, is vitally important and adds to the growing coverage islandwide. We must ensure the public are made aware of their nearest site when participating in leisure pursuits.”

Press Release curtesy of Sports Development
Photograph: Gregory Guida