Buy a Vehicle Project

Buy a Vehicle Project

Quite early on in the charity we established that the amount of equipment being used at different events was increasing and it was taking more people each time to ensure that the required equipment was available at the relevant event.

The committee decided that a dedicated vehicle was required. The vehicle was seen as having two very important roles to play. Firstly, a single mode of transport in which two members of the committee could attend a function and bring all the equipment necessary in one vehicle and one journey. Secondly, to advertise the presence of JHSG and to be ‘out there’ and get seen.

Key Handover

Phil (left) receives the van from Giles Bunting of Freelance

During 2012 and into 2013 we decided that the vehicle would be our primary target for fundraising. Thanks to several large donations and the success of the its Jersey Heart Ball it didn’t take too long to raise sufficient funds to investigate a van purchase.

On deciding that the Nissan NV200 fitted the bill from a size perspective (it being not so big as to scare off the car drivers and not so small as to not be practical in the long term), discussions were entered into with Freelance at Longueville.


We have Brett Cutts to thank for his efforts and negotiation skills with Nissan as we we’re able to procure a new NV200 at a great price.

Thank you!